Do you take commissions or are you available for hire?

Yes I do and I am. You can find my commission prices and status on my social media when I am taking them, in particular on twitter. Feel free to message me directly if you have trouble finding the post, I update this FAQ far less often than I do my social media. I am also available for hire long and short-term or for commercial use work so please feel free to send an email or message me on social media.

Do you take Paypal for your commissions?

Yes, and I prefer to send a PayPal Invoice if possible. I can also take payment on most other major payment platforms. Details about payment will be part of our discussion about your commission.

Do you do art trades?

Only from mutuals and friends, sorry!

Can I post a commission that you made for me on social media?

Please do! I would really appreciate a tag back or credit line as well.

Can I use a commission you made for me for roleplay?

Sure! But please do not use other people's commissions I made or my personal work for roleplay.

Can I make prints of a commission you made for me?

You can have as many prints made for your personal use as you want. Commercial prints (selling or trading) are, of course, strictly prohibited. Do not resell my work, and do not sell prints of work you have commissioned from me. Commercial use illustration or other work can be commissioned from me via email where usage and rights will be part of our discussion.

What if I can't afford a commission or I want to support you some other way?

I have a ko-fi if you want to leave me a tip - I would be very grateful! In addition, liking and sharing work on social media helps artists a great deal and it's super free.

What tools/brushes do you use?

I use Adobe Photoshop and Clip Studio. I have used Kyle Webster's Photoshop brushes for many years. My favorites are Inking Thick n' Thin (Classic Set), the Brayer Boss series, and the Simple and Bold Art Marker. I use Ray Frenden's pencil brushes for sketching. I also use Derrick Barth's BrushBox to keep everything organized.

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